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Our vineyard lies in a flat valley ringed by hills reminiscent of parts of the Mediterranean or of Napa Valley, California. Since these hills are nearby, the valley soils, though varied, are alluvial in nature, and ideal for the growing of wine grapes of certain types. This soil, combined with our proximity to the cold waters of the Pacific’s Humboldt Current which arrives from the Antarctic, results in an exceptional environment for our Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

For our vines we use only the most modern technologies to ensure a consistent production of quality grapes. All 130 planted hectares are served by drip irrigation and water aspersion frost control systems. The trellising is Vertical Shoot Positioning with dual fruiting wires. Each spring, new canes are tied by hand to the wires so that the grape clusters will hang free to minimize possible damage from disease.

Since William Cole Vineyards is an estate, all of the grapes grown by us are in one contiguous plantation adjacent to the winery. This proximity to our winery allows us to pick our grapes in the cool mornings and have them ready for processing within minutes after the harvest.